About Us

Grow as a consulting firm specialized in planning & design

Story of SUccess

The Company Has Emerged As A Design And Engineering Consulting Firm

Founded in 1991, PENTA is established in order to participate in all aspects of development activities as well as creating job opportunities. Based on this notion, the company has emerged as a design and engineering consulting firm in line with the government policy to cater a generation of working force.

Located in dynamic Bandung, the capital of West Java, Indonesia, PENTA grows as a consulting firm specialized in planning, architecture and engineering. PENTA’s services cover mostly on public projects such as Airports, Stadium & Sports, Public Hospitals, Low Cost & TOD Housings, Government and BUMN Offices, and Special Projects (Mosque, Islamic Centre, Art & Cultural Center). Currently PENTA has completed more than 300 projects around Indonesia.

With A-class registration in National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO), PENTA is able to render its services around Indonesia. To ensure with the quality of its products and services, PENTA has achieved the ISO 9001 quality standard, and awarded the ISO 9001 certificate since 2002. Henceforth, PENTA has more than 15 years time in implementing the quality system in its works. Both registration and certificate cover the implementation for architectural and engineering design services.

The aim of this company is to synergize various experts in their respective disciplines of Architecture and Engineering to carry out the assigned tasks with satisfactory results and within specified time frame.

PENTA ARCHITECTURE is supported by highly qualified and skilled architects and engineers who are committed to the quality, budget, and schedule of the project.

During the 28 years time of service, PENTA ARCHITECTURE has collaborated with many international consultants, local consultants, international contractors, local contractors, material suppliers, manufacturers, and other institutions in construction industry. These collaborations have enriched PENTA ARCHITECTURE’s capability in rendering services to any owners.

With great ambition and ideas PENTA ARCHITECTURE is seeking all available opportunities to make its ideas meaningful and that customer satisfaction will always be our target to achieve. Finally, we hope that all opportunities given to us would serve notable benefit to all parties involved in support to the sustainability of our living environment.